REMS Curvo 22 V

Cordless tube bender

REMS Curvo 22 V
Universal, compact electric tool for cold bending of pipes and tubes up to 180°. Can be used anywhere, without vice. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop. Li-Ion Technology. For battery and corded operation.
Hard, half-hard, soft copper tubes, also thin-wall Ø 10–28 mm, Ø 3/8–11/8"
Coated soft copper tubes, also thin-wall Ø 10–18 mm
Thick-walled copper pipes K65 for refrigeration and air conditioning technology EN 12735-1 Ø 3/8–11/8"
Pipes of press fitting systems made of stainless steel, carbon steel, also coated Ø 12–28 mm, soft precision steel tubes Ø 10–28 mm.
Steel pipes EN 10255 Ø 1/4–3/4"
Electric conduit DIN EN 50086 Ø 16–25 mm
Multi-layer composite tubes Ø 14–40 mm

REMS Curvo 22 V – wrinkle-free bending of pipes.
Mobile, handy, light. Universal for many pipes and tubes. Ready to use immediately without setting. Fast and creep speed operation with immediate stop for precise bending. Quick change of bending and back formers. Li-Ion 21.6V, 5.0 Ah battery for approx. 90 pipe bends of the stainless steel Ø 22mm press fitting system with one battery charge.

Operating instruction Curvo 22 V (PDF)
Parts list Curvo 22 V (PDF)

Verwendungsübersicht REMS Akku-Werkzeuge-Akkus-Schnellladegeräte-SPV (PDF)

Safety instructions Akkus, Schnellladegeräte, Spannungsversorgungen (PDF)


Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22 580051 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22

Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22-28 580052 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22-28

Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22-28 580053 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22-28 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22-28

Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22-28 580054 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-18-22-28

Curvo 22V Set 15-22-28 580058 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-22-28

Curvo 22V Set 15-22-28 580059 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-22-28 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 15-22-28

Curvo 22V Set 12 - 28 580062 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 12 - 28

Curvo 22V Set 12 - 28 580063 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 12 - 28

Curvo 22V Set 3/8 - 7/8" 580066 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 3/8 - 7/8

Curvo 22V Set 16-20-26-32 580067 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 16-20-26-32

Curvo 22V Set 16-20-25-32 580068 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 16-20-25-32

Curvo 22V Set 20-25-32 580069 R220
 <br/>Curvo 22V Set 20-25-32

REMS Curvo 22V Basic-Pack 580014 R220
 <br/>REMS Curvo 22V Basic-Pack <br/>REMS Curvo 22V Basic-Pack
 REMS Curvo 22V Basic-Pack


 <br/>REMS Akku-Curvo 22V drive unit

21.6V 4.4Ah Li-Ion battery 571574 R22
 <br/>21.6V  4.4Ah Li-Ion battery

21.6V 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery 571581 R22
 <br/>21.6V  5.0Ah Li-Ion battery

Battery Li-ion 21.6V 9.0Ah 571583 R22
 <br/>Battery Li-ion 21.6V  9.0Ah
 <br/>Rapid charger Li-Ion 22V  90W
 <br/>Rapid charger Li-Ion 22V  290W

Voltage supply 230V/21.6V 571567 R220
 <br/>Voltage supply 230V/21.6V

Accessory: Bending formers and back formers

Accessory: REMS Lumen 2800 22 V

 <br/>REMS Lumen 2800 22V Power-Set

REMS Lumen 2800 22V Set 175211 R220
 <br/>REMS Lumen 2800 22V Set