REMS Akku-Press 14 V ACC

Cordless radial press 32 kN with automatic circuit control

REMS Akku-Press 14 V ACC
Universal, handy electric tool with automatic circuit control for producing pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. For battery and corded operation.
Pressing joints Ø 10–108 (110) mm / 3/8 - 4". Complete range of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings for all common pressfitting systems.

REMS Akku-Press 14 V ACC – universal up to Ø 110 mm / 4".
With automatic circuit control. Secure crimping in seconds. Automatic locking of pressing tongs.
Li-Ion 14.4 V, 3.0 Ah battery for approx. 270 pressings Viega Profipress DN 15 with one battery charge.

Operating instructions Akku-Press 14 V ACC (PDF)

Parts list Akku-Press 14 V ACC (PDF)


Verwendungsübersicht REMS Akku-Werkzeuge-Akkus-Schnellladegeräte-SPV (PDF)

Safety instructions Akkus, Schnellladegeräte, Spannungsversorgungen (PDF)

Safety instructions für Presszangen, Pressringe, Zwischenzangen, Trennzangen M, Kabelschere, Presszangen Basic E01, Presseinsätze (PDF)



 <br/>REMS Akku-Press 14V ACC
 <br/>Bty Li-Ion Plus 14,4V, 5,0 Ah

Steel case with insert

Art.-Nr. 571290 R
 <br/>Steel case with insert
 <br/>L-Boxx with inlay 571/576/577

Steel case with insert

Art.-Nr. 570295 R
 <br/>Steel case with insert

Zubehör: REMS battery LED lamp

REMS Battery LED lamp

Art.-Nr. 175200 R
 <br/>REMS Battery LED lamp <br/>REMS Battery LED lamp

Zubehör: REMS pressing tongs Set

Zubehör: REMS pressing rings S

Zubehör: REMS pressing tongs / REMS pressing rings

 <br/>Pressing tongs ACz 12*
 <br/>Pressing tongs ACz 16*
 <br/>Pressing tongs ACz 20*

Pressing tongs ACz 25

Art.-Nr. 572648
 <br/>Pressing tongs ACz 25

Pressing tongs B 14*

Art.-Nr. 570845
 <br/>Pressing tongs B 14*

Pressing tongs B 16*

Art.-Nr. 570850
 <br/>Pressing tongs B 16*

Pressing tongs B 18*

Art.-Nr. 570855
 <br/>Pressing tongs B 18*

Zubehör: REMS L-Boxx

Zubehör: REMS cropping tongs

Cropping tongs M 6*

Art.-Nr. 571890
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 6*

Cropping tongs M 8*

Art.-Nr. 571895
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 8*

Cropping tongs M 10

Art.-Nr. 571865
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 10

Cropping tongs M 12

Art.-Nr. 571870
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 12

Zubehör: REMS cable shear

Cable shear

Art.-Nr. 571887
 <br/>Cable shear