REMS eva

Hand die stock with quick-change die heads

REMS eva
Proven quality die stock with excellent threading capabilities. Pipe threads 1/8–2", 16–50 mm. Bolt threads 6–30 mm, 1/4–1".
REMS eva – the die stock for professionals.
Excellent start-cutting and threading. Steel ratchet lever, thickly plastic coated. Only one type of quick-change die heads. Indestructible quality dies.

Operating instructions eva (PDF)

Parts list Eva (PDF)




Zubehör: REMS quick-change die heads

Zubehör: REMS quick-change die heads S

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Dies R 1/8, set

Art.-Nr. 521002 RWS

Dies R 1/4, set

Art.-Nr. 521012 RWS

Dies R 3/8, set

Art.-Nr. 521022 RWS

Dies R 1/2, set

Art.-Nr. 521032 RWS

Dies R 3/4, set

Art.-Nr. 521042 RWS

Dies R 1, set

Art.-Nr. 521052 RWS

Dies R 1 1/4, set

Art.-Nr. 521062 RWS

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